Thursday, August 21, 2008

Down Load Dhamma CDs

You can download the image files by clicking on the links below and burn the image to a CD. The files are big and downloading may take a long time if your connection speed is low.

LEARN PALI LAGUAGE (file size 230 MB)
This is an Auto Run Disc for Computers containing several Pali dictionaries, Lessons, Exercises, Tipitaka in Pali.
Download the image file save to your Hard disc and brurn a CD using Nero.

Dhammacakka Pawattana Sutta Chant
Download MP3 track and make a 60 min Audio Disc

Satipattana Sutta Chanting (MP3 files for Audio Disc)
Chantings by Ven Omalpe Sobhita Thero
Track-1, Track-2, Track-3

Dhammapadaya in Pali and Sinhala
MP3 Files to make 6 Audio Discs

MP3 Files to make 2 Audio Discs

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